Rapid Response: hybrid and split classrooms

Teaching in hybrid/ split learning spaces

Remember, much of what you know about good teaching, learning and assessment still applies; e.g. we have to ensure learners are engaged, included, understand our instructions and have time to process new information.

Follow this link for some additional considerations when working in split/ hybrid learning spaces. 


Hybrid / split classroom scenarios

A teacher may be isolating at home, streaming a lesson to their class or to multiple classes.

If your institution is using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or similar, with scenario #1 and #2 below, the teaching assistant or learning support specialist would need to be added to the class meeting as an attendee/ presenter. This way, they can stream and display the session to the in-class students using a laptop connected to a display screen.

NB: with these scenarios, students may or may not log on to the in-class meeting with their own devices. In scenario #3, isolating students would log in to the class ‘meeting’ at home on their own device.

1. Setting up camera and microphone equipment

2. Using MS Whiteboard in a split/hybrid classroom

3. Sharing a PowerPoint in a split/hybrid classroom

4. Sharing audio or video files in a split/hybrid classroom